AQRATE delivers, to companies of any kind, consulting services in the analysis and design of custom software solutions for the execution and simplification of company procedures.

AQRATE delivers as well consulting services to IT companies, that want their team to be supported by highly qualified and technologically advanced figures for the on-the-job-training.

AQRATE delivers outsourcing consulting services.


AQRATE customers simplify common tasks, increase productivity and expand growth and business opportunities.

Customers identify AQRATE as their technological partner to cooperate with, in the creation of new products and services.


AQRATE is a SharePoint certified company.

AQRATE is Silver Collaboration and Content Microsoft Partner

All AQRATE consultant are ShrePoint certified.


Office 365

Office 365 is the Microsoft Cloud platform that gives your company a modern, cost-effective, secure, stable and scalable infrastructure for intranet services such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Active Directory, Project Server and more.



Microsoft Azure is Microsoft Cloud platform, for the implementation of advanced solutions, based on services such as Web Apps, SQL Azure Database, Internet of Things (IoT), Push Notifications and even more.


Power BI

AQRATE designs and implements Business Intelligence solutions, based on the latest inovations, both for on-premise systems and for PowerBI platforms on Office365.

AQRATE designs business data analytics models and implements BI soutions based on Office products, such as Excel, for mobile devices and desktop web browsers.



AQRATE implements cross-platform applications for mobile smartphone that work on all mobile OSs: iPhone, Windows Phone, Android.

Internet access is growing for smatphones and tablets.

AQRATE bases its mobile app solutions on Xamarin.



AQRATE implements multi-platform solutions based on ASP.NET technology.

Web solutions, tailored on specific customer's needs, offer total implementative freedom, ease of distibution and centralized maintenance.